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Welcome to CAMA -

The forum for CAMA members, industry professionals, government leaders and concerned citizens to address the growing epidemic of counterfeit components.


Please join us and help provide lasting solutions.

US Senate Wants Accountability


Recently US' Senate Armed Services Committee sent a team in Hong Kong to enter Shenzhen, China and investigate fake electronic component imports.

Counterfeit Parts in Military Equipment


The US Senate Armed Services Committee held a hearing in November 2011 on the issue of counterfeit electronic components found in US military hardware—mostly found in electronic systems of helicopters and airplanes.

Nightline from ABC News : Counterfeit Cops on the Beat


Go store to store with police looking for counterfeit goods.

Counterfeit electronics a dangerous, growing problem

From counterfeit chargers to knock-off headphones and bogus iPods, Los Angeles police officers say fake electronics are flooding the national market--with potentially deadly consequences.

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About CAMA

The US Counterfeit Avoidance Mark Alliance (CAMA) is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit  organization committed  to a prosperous and sustainable future for our national economy through  the cost-efficient development, supply and maintenance of counterfeit free components, materials and products.



CAMA Interview with CBS New York March 31, 2014


Hazardous Substance Free Alliance




Message from Our President

Dear Members, Friends and Supporters of CAMA,

It is my pleasure to inform you about our upcoming Radio Show, called People to People: Working Together for Your SafetyClick here or on the image below for show information.  

The show features expert interviews and offers valuable information toxic materials, counterfeit consumer products and the possible risks they pose.

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Thank you for joining us and spreading the word. Together, we are working for our collective safety!


Stan H. Salot Jr.


Together, we can find solutions for counterfeit problems.